Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cannabis Brings Hope to Team Landon

In our craze of research for something to keep my son Landon alive during Chemotherapy for his Leukemia we came across many studies that showed Cannabis could indeed give him a good quality of life while fighting the treacherous Cancer & give him the relief the Narcotics & Pharmaceuticals' couldn't. We also came to hear of an amazing family who was growing the best Cannabis in the World. The Stanley's They would prove to be our saving grace & a true gift from God!

Amanda & Joel Stanley's hearts were instantly melted by sweet little Landon. They got to witness just how ugly Cancer was & how ill Chemo was making Landon.

  Soon after his first dose of Cannabis Landon was feeling a lot better than he had in months!!

 Landon started taking Cannabis in January 2013. People always ask me if it was hard to convince the two Doctors to recommend Landon for the Medical Marijuana Program. Those Doctors took one look at Landon & his Cancer File & signed for his red card. They could see just how ill he was, as could everyone else.

                                                            We were still living in Utah & going through intense chemo treatment so Wendy, Landon & I started a very grueling dual residency in order to come get Landon's Cannabis Treatments' as they were showing us the first glimpses of hope!!
 Something as small & simple as a smile was not something we had seen on Landon's handsome face in quite some time...Our hearts were filled with joy that Cannabis brought back the smile to Landon's face!

It was as if a miracle had happened! He was smiling again & started to eat again!!

     What a beautiful sight!!!!

As the weeks went on the Chemo's side effect seemed to lessen & lessen. His counts went up & he was able to leave the house a couple times a week (he had been home bound for months with low counts before Cannabis). His severe neuropathy, caused directly by one of the Chemo's (he could barely walk 10 feet unassisted at the worst part of it) was healing itself! His reflexes started regenerating & the vomiting decreased to 10 times per day or less. He was up & awake most of the day now, walking a little, laughing & trying to be as normal as possible.

                       But I think the most important & the most miraculous thing was that Landon started to ENJOY LIFE again!!! He was finally able to do more than sit on our couch or in bed & puke for weeks on end. He was finally able to eat & enjoy it AND keep it down!! Landon was finally able to LIVE again...

 Cannabis was starting to give him back what Chemo had stolen!

                                                           Watching my son "play" after what he had endured & was still enduring was a pivotal moment for me in this journey!!

Landon was now doing amazing & his Doctors in Utah could not figure out why! Especially since he had done so badly with the Chemo's for so long. The Cannabis was doing far more for Landon than just helping with his pain & nausea. It was helping Landon on a cellular level as well! The weekly blood results were showing us in black & white the powers of  Cannabis! The amount of Blood & Platelet transfusions needed after Chemo was cut by 75%, he no longer needed the IV promethazine or morphine! In fact Landon no longer needed ANY pharmaceuticals for pain, nausea, anxiety, sleep, or night terrors! Cannabis took the place of around a dozen or more medications filling my cabinets. His Immune System was kept high & he no longer caught every virus that floated by in the air! This made life immensely better for Landon as he was about to get out of the sterile environment & participate in life again


 Simply taking out all the pharmaceutical's did WONDERS for Landon's health & emotional/mental state.

   He was able to enjoy time with family
And Explore Things Again!! 

  He was now getting stronger everyday! Being able to walk distances he hadn't in many months, strong enough to walk up & down the stairs again with minimal assist. Being able to go out in the sunshine without fear of Chemo Rash! I am still amazed as I sit here writing this that one little ole plant saved my sons life.

 Finally my son was starting to look like my son again!! It was time to celebrate the things Cancer tried so hard to take from Landon, such as his very special birthday!!

He got also to do some very cool things while going to & from treatments such as fly a plane! :)
Finally it seemed we were done with intense Chemo & headed into Maintaince. The longest but supposedly easiest course of chemo in the Leukemia Road Map. This round also included Steroids 5 days out of the month. It only took 1 month of the steroids for us to really question if the side effect of them were worth it, especially considering the long term aspect. They made Landon very violent & angry, his legs were so swollen you could not see his knees or ankles & he could not walk again! Could we really justify putting him through this EVERY month for the next 3 years?! Giving all we had see & learned about Cannabis we believe that using Cannabis only will keep Landon in remission. I made the choice to end Chemo, move to Colorado full time & give the Cannabis a try solo with no chemo or steroids.
The results seen in Landon were mind blowing!

He was really thriving now!

               Enjoying the small thrills of life

Seeing these results in Landon led us to want to share our story with others & then with even more people! We could not sit by & let people suffer while knowing that a PLANT could help them in more ways than one to win the Battle with Cancer!

We were flying high, soaring on the wings of Cannabis...When Children's Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, our new home, heard of my decision. You see I thought that with it being Colorado the Oncologist would be more supportive of Natural Cancer Treatments... I was VERY wrong! They do not see anything but Chemo as a proven treatment for cancer & proceeded to turn my life upside down with CPS reports of medical abuse & meetings with lawyers ect. All to make me comply with their Chemo plan for Landon. I fought hard but could not go into a loosing battle with the threat of my son being taken away from me over my head. Landon had been off chemo for FIVE months & using Cannabis & other Natural Treatments. He was in remission, no detectable cancer cells in his body... he was doing so amazingly & was in superb health.

 But no matter what I said or tried to show them the Doctors would not listen to a word I had to say, or the Cannabis Experts I had brought before them to try & educate them on the benefits of Cannabis in regards to Cancer. We were treated like fools... Like we were in some cult or something!! These Doctors knew that without an Oncologist on our side they would win in court. I could not risk loosing my son... I had no choice but to comply & allow them to start poisoning my son again, but this time to last for 3 years.

 We were told this round of chemo would not harm Landon... we have not seen this to be true sadly.... Chemo is toxic to the body & causes burns to Landon's bum & the effects on his Mental & Emotional State were devastating....

So here we are, present day. Landon is snoozing away on the couch after a day of not feeling too well. His Doctors now want to increase his steroids, as of yesterday Landon's counts are pristine & no cancer cells detectable. Why oh why do they want to make my child sick again?! Why must I fight SO hard just to keep my son healthy & in a good quality of life? Why must I fight so hard to have a RIGHT that is mine to begin with?? The reality is we as parents really have NO rights over our kids...So I continue to fight, I continue to search for an Oncologist who will do the right thing & treat my son like an individual & give him the compassionate Cancer Treatments he needs. I will keep trying to spread Landon's story to every corner of the world!! I fight for all the Landon's in the world right now, at this very moment, who are fighting Cancer for their lives!! Team Landon has fought with me every step of the way & will continue to do so. This is wrong! What they are doing to a cancer free 3 year old is terribly wrong!! Please help us advocate for those who are too small to fight these bullies for themselves! Our kids deserve a better way & they deserve NOT to suffer aimlessly when Cannabis is being grown in many states.  

 CNN Special with Sanjay Gupta & Landon Coming soon!! Here is a preview!!
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Help us take a stand for Landon, he deserves Compassionate Cancer Treatments' & he deserves not to suffer while going through Cancer Treatments! Landon is CANCER FREE!  

WE HAVE SOME OF THE ABSOLUTE BEST SUPPORTERS! One amazing young man, Justin White, made his Race Car for the Season a Team Landon Car!! We were so honored!!!

                                                                       Team Landon Racing will always be very near and dear to our hearts!

Landon even has his own Personal Clothing!! Check facebook for more info on our T-Shirts, Long Sleeves & Hoodies!!

We have learned SO much within this year of fighting Cancer.. but one of the most important things we have learned is to smile, laugh, & enjoy life!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this
Love Sierra*